Living in the STICKS...NEED ADVICE

  • So I was born in this little town named Bowdon in deep Georgia about 1/2 a mile from the Alabama line. Now you wouldn't think that 1/2 a mile would make a difference in the way people acted towards one another but it absolutely DOES down here! My fiance and I were forced to move that 1/2 a mile into Ranburne, Alabama and somehow within the first week EVERY neighbor knew pretty much everything about us because they all knew someone who knew they all found out that both Maron (my fiance) and myself are bi-sexual and participate in same sex relationships (NO SHARING....EW) while we are with one another because we don't consider it wrong or cheating....we have been ostracized, even our three and four year olds have to play alone even though two of our neighbors have kids that are their age and that play on the trampoline daily!!! It makes me SOO angry, not for me but for the sake of my children! What do I do people? I need advice!